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Comparision Between Cooperative & Commercial Banks

1. Co-operative Organisations 1. Joint – Stock Banks
2. Co-operative banks are governed by the Co-operative Societies Act of 1904. 2. Governed by Banking Regulations Act
3. Subject to the rules laid down by the Registrar of Co-operative Societies 3. Subject to the control of the Reserve Bank of India
4. They don’t have Branch Banking facilities 4. Branch Banking facilities Country wide
5. Private Sector Banks 5. Public sector banks and Private sector banks
6. Primarily cater to Credit of Agriculturists 6. Mostly provide short-term finance to industry, trade and commerce
7. Slightly higher rate of Interest to their Depositors 7. Lower rate of Interest to their Depositors
8. Borrowers are Member Shareholders and Account Holders 8. Borrowers are only Account Holders
9. Influence on Lending policy 9. No Influence on Lending Policy of Bank
10. Voting Power 10. No Voting Power
11. Flexible Terms and Conditions 11. Rigid Policies