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Cooperative Promoter's Role To Society

Opportunity – A CP through our system avails an opportunity to our members which helps them to involve other like minded individuals and help them grow.

Education – Our primary concern is the lack of Education to deserving individuals due lack of necessary funds. CP encourages the idea thus contributing in awareness of Education. Thereby our basic motto of education is promoted.

Savings – Savings like any other trait is a habit. Our ambassador entices people into this habit to save their income for a future unfortunate and undesirable condition. Thus a CP is directly responsible in cultivating the habit of Savings amongst people.

Social Duty – We believe that a Society’s growth is dependent on the growth of an individual and hence we prioritize in helping every deserving individual not only from an economic reformation point of view but also as our Social duty. CP carries out this task by reaching out to others and performing his Social duty.

Morals – The basis of our Co-operative is about co-operating together for the larger benefits of everyone. Thus sticking to this principle we as Founders, Members, Co-Operative Promoters and Individuals not only derive a greater satisfaction but it also morally gives us immense pleasure in changing many lives. Happiness and Gratification are the two things that uplift our morals and motivate us for being a part of reforming the Socio – economic conditions of the society. Time is an important factor for every individual. We see to it that members who successfully climb the ladder of success and become Co-operative Promoters also reap the benefits for their hard work and invested time. Hence we have Plans for our CP’s in which we provide counseling, guidance and a full fledge assistance to help our Co-operative Promoters succeed.