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We have over 4 years of experience in this field. We have variety of deposit scheme for our registered member likeRecurring Deposit , Fixed Deposit, Monthly Income Plan, Savings Account, Loan facility etc. By expanding our various scheme we always try to provide a safe secured future to our beloved members and their family.

Plan Redemption Period Principle Value Return/Month Principle Value Return/month
MIP-3 3 Years 100000 700 1000000 7000
MIP-5 5 Years 100000 1000 1000000 10000
MIP-7 7 Years 100000 1200 1000000 12000

Our goal is to have a safe financial approach. We prefer to preserve equity and invest our equity safely hence our risk taking is calculative and money of our members is in safe hands.

Safety wealth

Our Vision is to accumulate sufficient equity to spend the earnings for the necessities of our members thus giving them profitable returns.

Loans and Schemes of various kinds are introduced periodically so that our members shall avail the benefits as per their requirements.

Our approach in minimizing administrative expenses has proven fruitful in unnecessary expenditure of members’ money.

Catering financial services through member network for making socio-economic status better.