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We have over 4 years of experience in this field. We have variety of deposit scheme for our registered member like Recurring Deposit, Fixed Deposit, Monthly Income Plan, Savings Account, Loan facility etc. By expanding our various scheme we always try to provide a safe secured future to our beloved members and their family.

The Loni Urban Multi-State Credit & Thrift Co-Operative Society is providing a golden opportunity for the registered member only by offering a Zero Balance Savings Account. A savings account is a deposit account held at a bank or other financial institution that provides principal security and a modest interest rate. Depending on the specific type of savings account, the account holder may not be able to write checks from the account (without incurring extra fees or expenses) and the account is likely to have a limited number of free transfers/transactions. Savings account funds are considered one of the most liquid investments outside of demand accounts and cash. In contrast to savings accounts, checking accounts allow you to write checks and use electronic debit to access your funds inside the account. Savings accounts are generally for money that you don't intend to use for daily expenses.

In LUCC, When a member will complete his/her registration, then he/she will get a zero balance non operative Savings Account. Every member will transact any kind of deposit or withdrawal through this savings account after activation. Apart from RD,FD,MIS every registered member will get interest on deposited amount in Savings account.

Our goal is to have a safe financial approach. We prefer to preserve equity and invest our equity safely hence our risk taking is calculative and money of our members is in safe hands.

Safety wealth

Our Vision is to accumulate sufficient equity to spend the earnings for the necessities of our members thus giving them profitable returns.

Loans and Schemes of various kinds are introduced periodically so that our members shall avail the benefits as per their requirements.

Our approach in minimizing administrative expenses has proven fruitful in unnecessary expenditure of members’ money.

Catering financial services through member network for making socio-economic status better.