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The Loni Urban Multi-State Credit & Thrift Co-operative Society (LUCC) – Our name suggests Luck, and it is no coincidence. We are destined towards greatness and we will be glad to share this luck with you. We wish to take India to its former glory. India has a Golden past. We intend to bring in the Golden Era where there is financial, social, cultural and economical stability among all individuals.

Years ago a hindi film song lyrically visualized and filmed the dream of our nation “Jahaan daal-daal par sone ki chidiyaa karati hai basera… Vo bhaarat desh hai meraa...” “Where a Golden bird resides on every branch of a tree Such is my nation Bharat (India)…”

Company History

The unfortunate reality is quite different and it has been poisoned by the deep rooted corrupt services that our nation has suffered over the period of time. The poor have been oppressed financially and the rich have exploited them. We are here to revolutionize the current situation and introduce the Golden era thus fulfilling the dreams of determined individuals. Come and join us in our Golden movement.